Introducing Our Brand New Molchanovs Courses and Training (by Michelle)

Molchanovs Courses and Training

Molchanovs Education System

At the end of August, Molchanovs launched their education program, which is now being offered at here at Zen! The Molchanovs courses are based on the freediving techniques developed by the late world champion and “Queen” of freediving, Natalia Molchanova. With input from top freedivers around the world, her programs have been updated and modernized to form the most comprehensive freediving education system available today. 

In a Molchanovs course, you will learn the theory component online through a series of engaging videos covering topics such as breathing technique, physiology, safety and equalization. This is followed by pool and open water sessions, including stretching, breathing and equalization drills. Throughout the whole course, emphasis is on safe progression by gradually extending your comfort zone and enjoyment of the dives. 

If you have yet to get certified as a freediver and you are interested in taking a Molchanovs course, check out our upcoming course schedule.

Molchanovs Base Training

At Zen, we have always had the strong belief that regular training in a various aspects is essential to a freediver’s development. 

Earlier this month, Molchanovs launched their base training system, where a new training plan is published every week for 4 different freediving levels. These training programs are designed by the world’s top freedivers and trainers like Alexey Molchanov, Goran Colak and Adam Stern, and comprise of pool and depth workouts, dry strength training exercises and equalization drills.

As a local Molchanovs chapter, we have adopted the base training system and are part of the global Molchanovs community, doing the same training all over the world. We tailor the sets to a level that is appropriate for all our participants, and provide a safe place to do these trainings with guidance from our experienced trainers and instructors. Our trainers also ensure that everyone is having fun while they train hard!

The base training program operates on 12-week cycles (but a trainee can join at any time within the cycle). In the last week of the cycle, we will organize 3 “max attempt” sessions for Zenners to establish a baseline or monitor their progress in STA, DYN and DNF disciplines. 

If you are keen to take your freediving to the next level and have fun at the same time, join our training community at our next pool training session!