"True understanding and mastery of freediving requires focus, practice, and training."
- Natalia Molchanova
Freediving is a sport where you are constantly learning new things. About the sport, about new techniques, and about yourself. Our pool trainings are the most accessible way to improve your freediving capabilities, and where you can meet the rest of our awesome community! 


Training Schedule

The upcoming schedule can be found here.


Training Structure

We have two training groups: Coached and Buddy. 

A coach will be present during this training session to guide you through the training, provide feedback and help improve your technique. There will be a maximum of 6 people to 1 coach.

In order to attend these sessions, you must have participated in a freediving course before.

This group will focus on building solid technique and gradually increasing their breath hold capabilities. Training sets are designed to reinforce essential freediving skills and techniques such as breathing and relaxation, duck diving, equalisation, safety and rescue, no fins, flutter and dolphin kick.

This session is for experienced freedivers.

The minimum requirements to attend this session are: 

    • Minimum Molchanovs Lap 1 certification or equivalent 
    • Demonstrate good freediving, buddying and rescue techniques
    • Static time of 3 minutes
    • 55m Dynamic with bifins or monofin
    • 35m Dynamic No Fins

The training set will be provided to you before the session, and you can buddy up with the other freedivers present for the session. A coach will not be present.

Training sets are designed to increase your freediving capabilities and will include, for example, exercises for breathing and relaxation, sets to increase your tolerance for high CO2/low O2, drills to hone your technique for DNF/DYN/DYNB disciplines. 

If you have not trained with us before and are not certified Molchanovs Lap 3 and above (or equivalent from other systems), you are required to book at least one Coached training so that we can assess your level. 



You will need the following equipment:

    • stopwatch
    • mask or goggles with noseclip
    • snorkel
    • weights (neckweight or weight belt with weights)
    • fins
    • wetsuit is optional but recommended if you get cold easily

If you are not ready to get your own equipment yet, we offer equipment rental.