Workshop with Alexey Molchanov - Cross-training for Freediving


Join world-renowned freediver Alexey Molchanov in a comprehensive workshop designed to enhance your freediving performance for both pool and depth disciplines. This workshop is structured to provide a holistic approach to improving your freediving capabilities, combining theoretical knowledge with practical exercises.

The workshop will be held on 28 April, 9.15am-2pm at Sports Lifestyle Centre, 3500A Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 159837. 


  • Theory: The workshop begins with a one-hour theory session where Alexey will discuss the fundamentals of cross-training specifically tailored for freediving.
  • Dry Exercises: Following the theory, Alexey will guide you through a series of dry exercises essential to improving your freediving. 
  • 2 Hours In-Pool Training: The session will culminate with two hours of in-pool training, where Alexey will introduce exercises and help you refine key freediving techniques.

This workshop is suitable for freedivers of all levels who are looking to understand how cross-training can benefit their freediving. The insights and skills offered in this workshop will provide valuable tools for your freediving journey.

Equipment needed:

Participants are required to bring their own equipment including mask or goggles and noseclip, fins, weights and yoga mat.