No-Fins Workshop


Often said to be the purest form of freediving, the No-Fins stroke is the most technical of the freediving disciplines. Most people find this the most enjoyable freediving discipline after becoming proficient in the technique, but it requires time, effort and a lot of training to master. In this workshop, learn to propel yourself efficiently underwater using your own body power. We start with a theory and dry training session followed by 2 hours in the pool for practise and stroke analysis. 

 The following topics will be covered:

  • Breakdown of the No-Fins technique
  • Dry training exercises to gain the flexibility required for this stroke
  • Training drills to develop an efficient arm stroke and leg kick
  • Ideal weighting and the perfect gliding position
  • Efficient turning technique and maximising your wall kick-off
  • Stroke analysis using video playback (your video recordings will be yours to keep after the workshop)