Introduction to Depth Freediving | Molchanovs Wave 1 Depth Component


This upgrade is for students who have already completed the Molchanovs Lap 1 certification previously, and want to complete the depth requirements to obtain the Molchanovs Wave 1 certification. 

On the day of your course, we will travel to Lazarus Island to practise depth and equalization, as well as safety. On the successful completion of the course, you will receive your Molchanovs Wave 1 freediver certification.

The cost is $315 per person for a group lesson. This includes the cost of transportation to and from Lazarus Island and the use of equipment. 

Prerequisite: Molchanovs Lap 1 certification

Passing requirements:

Open Water requirements (for Wave 1)

  • CWTB & FIM 12-20m
  • CWTB Buddying 6-10m
  • Rescue from 6-10m

We also offer private courses if you prefer 1-1 coaching.