Competitive Freediving Pool Course | Molchanovs Lap 4

The next course will be in 2024, stay tuned for dates!
This course is designed for advanced freedivers who want to become expert freedivers and perhaps take part in freediving competitions.

In the Lap 4 course we address in detail how to approach competitions, how to develop a good tactic for your dives, how to train for freedive performance. We also talk about the finer details of all techniques, tapering for maximum performance, and basic periodization principles. We break down dives into segments and analytically approach each phase. In this course, you will become a freedive athlete and gain an understanding of your body energy potential and your energy systems.

The Lap 4 course is based on personal approaches shared by champions. You will get the opportunity to upgrade your theoretical knowledge and practical application from previous courses, also in terms of accident and injury prevention, dry training principles, depth adaptation, equalisation and strategies necessary for deep diving. This course is just the start of your life as a freedive athlete, so by the end of it, you will be equipped with the knowledge to comfortably dive the following performances: 

  • 5:00+ STA
  • 100+m DYN
  • 75+m DNF


  • Lap 3 OR Wave 3 certificate for Lap 4
  • OR completed crossover evaluation
  • AND active first aid certificate 

Pool Requirements:

  • STA 5 min
  • DYNB 100m
  • DNF 75m