Panerai Team Building Program (by Nathania)

Panerai Team Building Program

Recently we organized a team building session for Panerai, incorporating freediving techniques to help some people to overcome their fear of water; others to discover a new activity that they enjoy; and everyone to have fun, encourage and support each other.

With Guillaume Néry as one of Panerai's brand ambassadors, and Panerai's launch of its new Submersible Chrono dive watch in collaboration with Néry, there's no better choice of sport for its employees!

Panerai Team Building Program

Freediving is a great team building experience as communication, reliability and trust are essential between a freediver and his/her buddies. Combine that with some underwater chill and a friendly apnea competition - Panerai had a great day out for their team!

One of our Zenners, an underwater photography and film enthusiast, Kohei, captured these special moments on camera which you can check out in his video HERE!