Octopus Classic Pulley System


The Octopus pulley system: a smart, easy to use product which is sturdy (max. load 250kg), efficient, compact, ergonomic and affordable while maintaining high-quality components.

It enables you to let the rope down with one hand, and pull it up easily by putting your foot against the pulley and using your hands to pull up the rope (much easier than the conventional method of lying on top of your buoy!), which is much more efficient in case of an emergency. 

Made with top-quality components:

  • a strong structure (polyamide charged with 40% fiberglass balls)
  • a thick 8mm anodized aluminum arm (ALU6061)
  • two low frictions polyamide pulleys for ropes 8 to 13mm
  • marine stainless steel screws

The Classic Pulley model is perfectly suited for ropes of 8 to 10 mm of diameter. It can also be used with 11 and 12 mm ropes but this will require a little bit more effort to pull your bottom weight back up. If your priority is maximum efficiency and safety, or if you are planning to use ropes of 11mm or thicker, then we recommend going for the XL model, which will also work perfectly well with ropes of smaller diameter.