Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor Course

Take your freediving journey to the next level by teaching others. The Molchanovs Education system is the best in the world, with the most up-to-date syllabus, constant review and improvements, as well as continuing support after you become an instructor.

To be apply to be a Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor, you will be required to have  Molchanovs Wave 3 certification and be of appropriate character. For crossovers to Molchanovs Freediving Education, an equivalent Instructor certificate is required.
In this course, you will learn how to effectively present freediving topics to students in classroom, pool and open water settings, following the Molchanovs teaching framework. You will also learn about business and marketing, as well as risk management. Your instructor trainer will be Michelle, who has 8 years of teaching experience across several freediving agencies.

The components of this course can be conducted with a combination of remote, in-person sessions in Singapore, or overseas (additional trip expenses apply).  

The physical requirements to pass the Wave 2 Instructor course  are as follows:

  • 40m CWTB & FIM
  • 30m CNF
  • 25m rescue + 50m suface tow
  • 100m pool DYN
  • 60m DNF
  • 4 min STA
  • 15m Stand-by rescue (minimum 60s)
  • CO2 Dive*

*While weighted for neutral buoyancy at 10m, perform vertical finning for 60s with elbows above the surface, followed by a 20m CWT/CWTB dive.

    After completing this course, you will be able to teach Molchanovs Wave 1 and Wave 2 courses, and have the option to join the Zen Freediving team!