Molchanovs Lightweight Bifins Bag 2

$57 $62

The updated Molchanovs Lightweight Bifins Bag 2 is just as convenient, light as a feather, and travel-friendly as its predecessor. Designed to be easily packed away in a suitcase and taken out for effortless transportation of bifins and additional equipment to and from a dive site. When fully opened, this bag also doubles as a changing mat for added protection for your bare feet from the ground.

The inner compartment of the Lightweight Bifins Bag 2 now features integrated velcro straps designed to keep your bifins in place while on the go. Additionally, there are foam pockets for the blade tips that provide further padding and protection from bumps. It also has a small, zippered compartment with outside access for for small items such as keys or cards.

Long and convenient handles and adjustable shoulder strap located on one side of the zipper make the Lightweight Bifins Bag 2 more versatile.
Now the strap will be allowing for easier opening of the bag, still positioned perfectly for bike rides or longer walks.

An updated design includes more durable outside fabric all stitched together with reinforced thread and providing extra protection from the harmful effects of salt water and UV rays.