Molchanovs Lap 2 to Wave 2 Instructor Upgrade

This course is for Molchanovs Lap 2 Instructors (or equivalent from other agencies) who want to be able to teach Wave courses. 

The components of this course can be conducted with a combination of open water sessions in Singapore and overseas (separate trip expenses apply), or purely overseas. 

The physical requirements to pass the Wave 2 Instructor course  are as follows:

  • 40m (35m*) CWTB & FIM
  • 30m (25m*) CNF
  • 25m rescue + 50m suface tow
  • 15m Stand-by rescue (minimum 60s)
  • CO2 Dive**

* Cold water, under 15ºC

** While weighted for neutral buoyancy at 10m, perform vertical finning for 60s with elbows above the surface, followed by a 20m CWT/CWTB dive.

    After completing this course, you will be able to teach Molchanovs Wave 1 and Wave 2 courses, and have the option to join the Zen Freediving team!