Underwater/beach clean up


Calling everyone who would like to make our beaches and waters a better place! From our previous 8 clean ups, we've removed over 1 TONNE of trash from our beaches and oceans. But there's still plenty left so we need YOUR help! 

The clean up will be on Sunday, 10 Apr 2022. Non divers are welcome to help with beach clean up :) 

The cost will help to cover ferry tickets. To comply with covid measurements, participants will be split into groups of 5, and have to remain at least 1m apart at all times. 


  • 7.45am - Meet at Marina South Pier and take the ferry over to the Southern Islands
  • 8.30am - Arrive at Southern Islands, head to clean up areas
  • 9am - Start clean up
  • 11am - Bag and weigh trash 
  • 11.30pa - Shower and enjoy the island 
  • 12.30pm - Board ferry back to MSP 
  • 1.30pm - Arrive at MSP