Competitive Freediving Pool Course (Molchanovs Lap 4)

In competitive freediving, performance improvement is achieved by focused training.

Topics included in this course are: mastering mouthfill, perfecting your technique, technique modification for competitions, dealing with pre-competition jitters, competitive training methodologies, and competition preparation and procedures.

The course will be taught by Vitomir Maričić. Among many things, Vitomir is a multiple freediving world record holder and world champion freediver, member of the Molchanovs Education Board, strength and conditioning coach, lifeguard and freediving instructor. 

The course will consist of 5 online zoom sessions on 29 Jan, 5 & 12 Feb. The timing will be relatively flexible to suit participants, and will be confirmed later. Assessment of performances and technique will be done through video analysis, and videos can be taken at pool trainings (not included in the cost of the course, we'll arrange dates for you to sign up in Glofox).

Lap 3 certification (or equivalent in other certification agencies) is required for this course. You will have the option to complete the open water components required later on for Wave 4 certification (at additional cost). 

To sign up, please drop us a message and we will pass your contact on to Vitomir. The course fee is 400 Euro (usually 500-600 Euro for an in-person course), and payment will be made directly to him by bank transfer or Paypal.

*The course shows up as "sold out" as we are not currently accepting payment for it here. There is plenty of space. Please contact us to sign up!