Molchanovs F1 Bifins Review (by Jin)

Molchanovs F1 Bifins Review

Hello Zenners! You might have seen Michelle's pair of bright blue fibreglass bifins at training recently and some of you were curious about how they perform - so here's a review of mine! 

I purchased my pair of Molchanovs F1 Custom-made Fibreglass Bifins to replace my old plastic Cressis about 2 months ago and I am very pleased with that decision. From the get go, the F1s are much lighter and an all-round upgrade, due to the shaped fibreglass and the rail-less system.

The custom footpockets are made out of comfy yet durable rubber, which takes in to consideration key measurements of your foot for the best fit. They come standard with an open heel, although you may request for a closed heel option. When measured correctly, the foot pockets are very comfortable and transfers energy from the legs to the blades without any wiggling. I got mine with a comfort fit, as I intend to use them for travel and recreation more than competition.

The blades are flexible, snappy, and durable. I had the opportunity to go with Michelle on the manta trip with these bifins, where they performed wonderfully. The soft blades allowed for over 2 hours of almost constant finning twice a day for almost a week, where I felt no lactic buildup or soreness in the leg muscles. I particularly enjoyed the snappiness of the blades, which allows you to fin with a smaller amplitude, saving energy. 

I was very concerned about the durability of the blades, especially during travel, but they are still surviving despite my increased rough handling. Overall, I would highly recommend the Custom Molchanovs F1s, or their standard sized counterparts with Imersion and Pathos footpockets.