Private courses


If you prefer 1-1 attention with individualised instruction and feedback, we offer private classes for the following courses: 

Discover Freediving (Pool)

This short course will introduce you to the beauty of breath hold diving. Basic techniques will be covered in a 1 hour classroom session (via Zoom), followed by 1 hour in the pool to try out the static and dynamic disciplines of freediving.

Beginner's Freediving Course (Molchanovs Lap 1 certification):

This course provides an excellent basic introduction to freediving. It consists of theory lessons via a series of engaging online videos where you learn directly from the world's best freedivers on topics such as breathing technique, physiology and safety. These can be completed before the theory discussion (1 hour via Zoom). 

During the following 1.5 hour pool session, you will learn the key breathing techniques to prepare for a breathhold dive. Relaxation, finning technique, how to dive efficiently without fins and safety principles are important components that you will be taught.

Introduction to Freediving (Molchanovs Wave 1)

A great starting point for people who are already very comfortable in the water. For example, you may want to consider this course if you are an experienced snorkeler, scuba diver or swimmer.

You will learn the physiology behind freediving in greater depth. You will also be introduced to the various disciplines of competitive freediving with the aim of honing your technique and relaxation. It will also cover freediving safety and rescue procedures.

The first part of the course covers the same components as the Molchanovs Lap 1 course. The second day of the course (only available on weekdays) will be at the Southern Islands you will practise  depth and equalization. Transport to the Southern Islands is included in the cost. 


All equipment except wetsuits (do indicate if you would like to rent) are included in the cost. 

Contact us to arrange a date for your course!