Freediving Open Water Training


Join us for a relaxing day of freediving out at the Southern Islands. We take a chartered boat from Marina South Pier that drops us off at Lazarus Island, where we freedive in a sheltered bay with up to 21m depth, depending on tide conditions. 2 depth training sessions are included in a day, or you may choose to do 1 training session and a fun dive on the nearby reef after that. 

To join these sessions, you will need to have taken a freediving course with a depth component (e.g. our Discover Depth course or a Molchanovs Wave 1 or equivalent course). 

Coached depth training sessions cost $90 for the day and covers the boat trip, use of a buoy set-up and coaching from an experienced freediver. If you have a buddy and can safety each other (both divers must have at least Molchanovs Wave 1 certification or equivalent, be able to do a constant weight dive to at least 20m, and demonstrate a rescue from 10m) the cost is $60 for the day. 

* If you need to cancel your booking at the last minute (within 48 hours before the trip) for non-medical reasons, you may postpone the session but a $20 charge will apply.