Octopus Fluid Goggles

For freedivers who would like to transition from using masks to nose clips for depth. Octopus fluid goggles allow you to see both underwater and above it, with no need to equalise the goggles, enhancing your safety and relaxation during the dive. This is achieved by fixing a 20mm diameter Grade A optical plano-convex lens into each eye piece of the goggles. Accompanied with a comfortable silicon skirt and head strap, these goggles can be taken to any depth, and comes with 4 different-sized nose bridge pieces to you can adjust it to suit the shape of your nose and width of your face. 
How to use: 
Dip the goggles in water to fill the eye pieces before placing onto your face. The shape of the lens will allow you to see both above and under water. 
Note: Underwater vision is slightly magnified and may take a few sessions to get used to, similar to when you first start using a nose clip.