Molchanovs Wave 3 in Cebu, Philippines


Start your Wave 3 course in Singapore and finish it in the clear blue waters of Cebu! To maximise your holiday time, we complete the theory and pool components in Singapore and focus on depth and recreational dives overseas. 

This course covers advanced freediving techniques to help you achieve maximum performances.You will be taught how train in preparation to dive up to 40 meters, and hold your breath for over three and a half minutes. Topics include advanced breathing techniques, introduction to mouthfill (Frenzel-Fattah) equalization, attention deconcentration and much more.

We begin with series of online videos (independent study), and the pool component will be on 29 Mar 2020, 11am-2pm, at Our Tampines Hub swimming complex. The open water components of the course will be completed in Cebu, Philippines, from 10-14 Apr 2020. There are 4 open water dives included in this course, and you can add more training sessions after the course if you wish ($55 per session). Accommodation, a recreational freediving day trip to Moalboal and return transfers to Cebu airport (if travelling with the group) are included in the price. More information on the trip is available here

On the successful completion of the course, you will receive a Molchanovs Wave 3 certification (equivalent to AIDA 4/SSI Level 3/PADI Master Freediver). Molchanovs Wave 2 certification (or equivalent - AIDA 3, SSI Level 2, PADI Advanced Freediver) is a prerequisite for this course. Certification in administration of First Aid and CPR (AED and O2 administration optional but good to have) is required for Wave 3 certification, this can be done before or after the course. After attending Wave 3, you may take the Molchanovs Instructor course.

Requirements to pass the course:
STA: 3’30”
DYN: 75m
DNF: 50m
FIM/CWT: 34-40m
CNF: 25m
FRC: 8m
Mouthfill at 5m, take to 15m
Rescues at 20+m