Molchanovs Wave 1 in Cebu, Philippines


Start your Wave 1 course in Singapore and finish it in the clear blue waters of Cebu! To maximise your holiday time, we complete the theory and pool components in Singapore and focus on depth and recreational dives overseas. 

This course is a great starting point for people who are already very comfortable in the water. For example, you may want to consider this course if you are an experienced snorkeler, scuba diver or swimmer.

The course will begin with a theory session covering the physics, physiology, equipment, disciplines and safety of freediving (via independent study through online videos). From there we will move to a pool session where we will be conducting breathing and equalisation exercises, as well as practising static and dynamic disciplines, and safety and rescue techniques. For the pool session, you can choose any of the dates for the Molchanovs Lap 1 course before the trip. 

The open water components of the course will be completed in Cebu, Philippines. There are 2 open water dives included in this course, and you can add more training sessions after the course if you wish ($55 per session). Accommodation, a recreational freediving day trip to Moalboal and return transfers to Cebu airport (if travelling with the group) are included in the price. More information on the trip is available here

On completion of the course, you have 2 free pool training sessions with us to use when you return to Singapore (to be used within a month after the course), to further hone your freediving skills.