Molchanovs Competition Bifins 2 Fiberglass (Molchanovs foot pockets)


Improved, ultra-responsive fiberglass fins, created with the same material as the Molchanovs CM3 monofin. Paired with the upgraded Molchanovs hand-built foot pockets, available in standard EU sizes or custom-sized to your desired fit with an open heel for unparalleled ankle flexibility.

Design updates to the blade include a unique bottleneck shape and softer fiberglass layering near the foot pocket. This results in the blades feeling smoother than ever before, yet with a more powerful reaction due to their efficient transition in the water. They also come in the new M-stripe design in four vivid colors.

The new generation of Molchanovs hand-built foot pockets even more comfortable than before. Updated Comfort Lining and increased space for the toes give your feet some much-needed relief, even with the tightest fit. They are also UV-resistant and heavy-duty, and have built-in arch support that decreases fatigue and keeps the foot in the perfect position, maximizing small-muscle use and minimizing drag.

Molchanov Fibreglass fins are of the same standard as most carbon fins on the market, making them an ideal choice for freedivers who desire quality, but are not in the market for carbon fins.

Technical specifications

  • Blade Material: UHC Fiberglass
  • Blade Angle: 22°
  • Total Length: 80-85cm (depending on foot pocket size)
  • Blade Length: 64cm (from the angle of the blade to the tip)
  • Blade Width: 19cm
  • Weight (One Pair) : 1.6kg
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Silver

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