AIDA One Breath 2023 | A Freediving Competition by Zen Freediving


Zen Freediving is proud to host our first freediving competition!

We have met some amazing freedivers in the local freediving community. With this competition, we aim to bring everyone together, to celebrate the talent that we have and encourage those who have never competed before to discover this new realm of freediving.

Competition Dates

11 Feb 2023 | 9am-12pm | Static | Venue - Fitbloc, 87 Science Park Dr, S118260

18 Feb 2023 | 9am-12pm | Any Dynamic discipline | Venue - Fitbloc, 87 Science Park Dr, S118260 (25m pool)

4 Mar 2023 | 9am-12pm | Any Dynamic discipline | Venue - Sports Lifestyle Centre, 3500A Bukit Merah Central, S159837 (50m pool)

You can choose to do one, two or all days. Overall placings will be calculated using the points from all 3 days.  

Points system: 

  • STA - 0.5 per second
  • DYN - 1 per metre
  • DYNB - 1.1 per metre
  • DNF - 1.3 per metre

The competition briefing will be held on Zoom on Friday 10 Feb at 8pm. 

Registration for each event closes 1 week prior.

In the spirit of expanding this community, we are partnering with the very good folks at Octopus Freediving and Trudive for an array of attractive prizes. The line-up will be revealed in time! 

Prize categories: 

  • Top 3 Female competitors 
  • Top 3 Male competitors 
  • Top 3 Female Newcomer Competitors 
  • Top 3 Male Newcomer Competitors

We will also have a lucky draw - everyone has a chance to win! 🎉


If you don't want to compete but would like to be involved, we do need volunteers! Please fill in your name on this list.
We will have a lucky draw with prizes for the volunteers😎