Molchanovs SPORT Bifins 2 Fiberglass


Molchanovs SB2 bifins are made with UHC Fiber, a high-performance fiberglass using over 50 times the pressure of other fiberglass long fins, and the same fiberglass used in the Molchanovs freediving record-breaking monofins.

Design updates to the blade include a unique bottleneck shape and softer fiberglass layering near the foot pocket. This results in the blades feeling smoother than ever before, yet with a more powerful reaction due to their efficient transition in the water. They also come in the new M-stripe design in four vivid colors.

Paired with Pathos or Imersion foot pockets.

The SB2 bifins are of the same standard as many carbon fins on the market, making them an ideal choice for freedivers who desire quality, but are not in the market for carbon fins.