Molchanovs Competition Bifins 2x


In 2020, Molchanovs launched the Competition Bifins 2 Carbon, which were designed and fine-tuned by Alexey Molchanov with a unique ‘bottleneck’ shape that allows the blade to transition quickly and efficiently between strokes. After many successful world records were performed with the CB2 Carbon in the 2021 competition season, the fins have been redesigned to create the Competition Bifins 2x Carbon.

Updates include an improved blade layering structure that favors smaller amplitude, low-effort kicking. Shorter freedivers also have the option to choose a smaller blade cut with 10% less surface area and adjusted bottleneck shape to improve maneuverability and spend less power and energy on kicks.

The CB2x are paired with Molchanovs Hand-Built footpockets for unparalleled comfort and flexibility. 

If you are interested in getting these fins, please contact us and we can assist you in deciding on the right specifications for you, as well as advice on taking measurements.

Please note that custom products are made to order and take up to 8 weeks to be delivered. 

 EU size Length (cm) EU size  Length (cm)
34 22.7 41 27.3
35 23.3 42 28.0
36 24 43 28.7
37 24.7 44 29.3
38 25.3 45 30.0
39 26.0 46 30.7
40 26.7