Bifins & Training Workshop with Marianna Gillespie


Marianna Gillespie, seven-time freediving world champion and professional swimming coach, invites you to a comprehensive workshop on mastering the bi-fins techniques and training methods.

In this workshop, Marianna will share her knowledge on efficient bi-fins technique, with video analyses of different dives and demonstrate various exercises that you will be able to train on your own to progress in the pool and depth. You will learn specific exercises she does on land to increase muscle strength and flexibility and expert breathing techniques.


  • Mon 11 Dec, 6.45-9.45pm, EtonHouse International School, Orchard: Theory, dry exercises (breathing, strength, flexibility), Q&A 
  • Tue 12 Dec, 6.30-9.30pm, Delta Swimming Complex: Pool (bifins techniques, breath hold exercises)

This workshop is suitable for freedivers of any level. Whether you're looking to improve your technique, understand the discipline or training methods at a deeper level, Marianna's workshop promises to be insightful and transformative. 


Participants are required to bring their own equipment including mask or goggles and noseclip, fins, weights and yoga mat.