Molchanovs Performance Wetsuits - Men's


The Molchanovs Performance Wetsuits are made from premium neoprene, for ultimate flexibility and comfort. Designed for competition, they have a smooth SCS layer on the outside for gliding through the water for maximum efficiency. Hooded and long sleeved to keep you snug and warm. 

The 1mm and 1.5mm suits come with a lycra interior for easy wearing, and are stitched at the seams.  The 3mm comes with an open cell interior for warmth, and are glued at the seams.

Stitched and Glued option: 

Regular stitching punctures the neoprene as they are sewn together, causing a rough line along the seams where the parts are joined. This is a straightforward and durable production method for most wetsuits. However, this allows water to leak in easily.

Stitched & glued wetsuits are produced differently, through a more complex method. The lycra on the insides is stitched together for durability, while the neoprene on the outside is glued together. This results in a smooth exterior all round for maximum streamlining, and forms a seal which makes it extremely difficult for water to seep in, thus keeping you warmer for longer. The stitched interior lycra supports the glued seams, making them as durable as regular stitching. 

The stitched and glued option is strongly recommended for the 1.5 mm performance wetsuits. 

These wetsuits are available in a variety of stunning colours. Jackets and pants are available in different sizes. 

Custom suits are also available. Please contact us for any queries. 

We absorb GST (7%) for all orders in Singapore. 

International shipping is available for all products. 


Size S M L XL
Height 170 - 173 173 - 183 178 - 188 188-192
Chest 86 - 92 92 - 102 102 -112 112-116
Waist 71 - 76 76 - 86 86 - 96 96 - 102
Hips 86 - 92 92 - 102 102 - 112 112-118